Micro RNA measuring with UPL based technique

The aim of technology

Gene expression and translational regulation via micro RNA became well-known in the past few years. Micro RNA was called by this name in a publication in 2002. Their significance was stressed, since the regulation opened a completely new research area when Andrew Fire and Craig Mello described the fundamental phenomenon in 1998. More methods are available to implement our research. The most accepted one is the so-called "Northern blot" that provides separation according to size via radioactive marking. It also has an alternative method called "Real time quantitative PCR (QPCR) research" that is really reliable and makes the processing of a higher number of samples possible.


pcrWe have successfully set up a universal real time quantitative PCR based technique that is marketed in Hungary. For more information please visit the following site and choose from link at the left side: Roche - Applied Science

Astrid Research developed an open source short RNA detecting QPCR assay design software. The software is open source. The oligos were tested extensivelly in various species and various sample types even in FFPE derived samples.

You can use it at the University of Debrecen:

You can view the uploaded assays on the following link:
http://goo.gl/tqga6 (in progress).

You can upload new assays here:

Further info:

Manuscript accepted and published in PlosONE. On-line shortly.
Once published, please cite it if you use the software!