Our pledge and financial questions

What we can undertake:

  1. to determine quality criteria of samples
  2. access to instrument calendar
  3. practical support to plan the experiment / for experiment planning
  4. practical support for primarily data analysis
  5. to get known special sample gathering systems
  6. to draw up plan for biobank system in case of common/joint project
  7. joint tender for co-financing

What we can not undertake:

  1. to finance high value reagents
  2. to make experiments beyond measurements
  3. secondary and tertiary analysis of results
  4. to set up biobank without any kind of financial backgrounds or tenders

Finance / Collaboration

  • charge for use of the instruments covers only maintenance and price of semi-fixed assets
  • charge for our services can be decreased in case of larger volumes
  • in case of paid services we suggest not to use co-authoring but to mention at „materials, methods”
  • in case of collaborative projects source of finance, tasks of participants, leader of the project, end of the project should be determined previously in written form
  • in case of financial difficulties joint tender / application for grants is the solution