Core Facility

  • Technological development requires high value research infrastructure
  • optimal degree of usage of high value instruments requires their central location and accessibility for the wider public
  • without dissemination of the accumulated knowledge there is no well-operating service center

Requirements toward service laboratories

  • open and transparent operation
  • accessible instruments (depending on registration and in-advance-training)
  • transparent cost calculation
  • accessible research personnel and support / consultation

Our mission

  • To make accessible the technology, infrastructure and results of development in genomics and functional genomics for researchers and clinical personnel at Debrecen University.
  • To introduce and establish instrument conditions of personalized medicine and to make them accessible for the colleagues.
  • To organize regular trainings to get known the development in technologies.

Our infrastructure

  • laboratories (5pcs)
  • biobank storage units (2 pcs)
  • offices
  • computer room, discussion room, room for PhD students
  • QPCR instruments (2 pcs)
  • capillary sequencer
  • pipetting robots (3pcs)
  • microarray systems (2pcs)
  • DNS/RNS measurement instruments (Agilent Bioanalyser, Nanodrop etc.)
  • high qualified personnel:
    • 6 researchers
    • 4 PhD students
    • 6 laboratory assistants
    • project management, assistance for management

Our services

  1. Biobanking
  2. genexpression tests / assays
    • Affymetrix, global genexpression tests / assays
    • Assay plan for sole gens and miRNS
  3. functional genomics tests / assays
    • chromatin immune precipitation (1,6ml and on 96-hole-plate)
    • DNS methylation assay MEDIP
  4. cloning, protein purification services (under planning)

Our developments

  • measurement systems based on UPL (QPCR and miRNS;
  • new generation sequencing technologies of high throughput (DNS methylation and epigenetic profiling)
  • protein / antibody generation service

Our services for university workgroups in 2011-2012:

  • Affymetrix genexpression tests / assays
  • library for ChIP sequencing ILLUMINA NGS
  • Affymetrix cytogenetic tests
  • Assay plan for sole gens and miRNS
  • capillary sequencing
  • providing QPCR infrastructure
  • cloning, protein purification services

Our new services for university workgroups in 2012:

  • Provide reagents for bacterial works
    • bacterial plate (Ampicillin or other kind of antibiotics for order)
    • LB (Luria Broth)
    • Ultra competent cells (E.col DH5alfa)
  • Provide reagents for transfection works
    • PEI transfection solution and protocol
    • D-Luciferin
  • Cytokines
    • IL4
    • LIF
    • GMCSF
  • QPCR reagents
    • PCR plates
    • 2xMastermix
    • Universal probe library assays
    • Sybrgreen and ROX dyes
    • QPCR assays
  • Nucleic acid assays
    • Qubit reagents
    • Agilent Bioanalyzer reagents

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