Each of our technology can be used after a basic training. These trainings are provided by the Responsible persons of each instrument upon request. Details here.

We organize public courses and trainings about the technologies used in a regular manner. Programme can be seen here.

Technological parners are invited to give seminars about their latest developments every month on a technological day. If you are interested please contact us.



PCR Academy


After the first PCR training in May 2013, Center for Clinical Genomics and Personalized Medicine in cooperation with Roche (Magyarország) Kft. held PCR Academy on 29-30th of January 2014. The event was of great interest, more than 50 participants were given up-to-date information within theoretical and practical training about

  • real-time PCR detection forms

  • real-time PCR instruments and reagents

  • real-time ready products

  • absolute quantification

  • relative quantification

  • high resolution melting analysis

  • melting curve and endpoint genotyping.


Presentations of PCR Academy are available here:

The LightCycler® System: real-time PCR, 2.0 system, assay formats ; software ; kits and reagents  

LightCycler® 480 SystemLC 480, assay formats, dyes, applications ; software ; application data  

Gene Expression Analysis, Concepts for Relative Quantification

Strategies for Relative Quantification 

Universal ProbeLibrary- A new Concept for real-time qPCR Assays


PCR resources